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Team coordinated walking activity.

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a team of six people walking on the team building activity centipede


CENTIPEDE aka Skis and Marsh Stompers

How it works

The team gets 2 long planks with rope handles and is given the aim of walking on them.

In a simple version, they may just have to walk for 20 steps without stepping off.

In an extended version, they might have a course to navigate or a time limit to work within.

Specific uses

The simple version is frequently used as an icebreaker or a short team task.

The extended version is an opportunity for development relating to; how teams work, establishing team roles and procedures, setting up team communications, team work, leadership and continuous improvement.

Practical matters

Time. Simple version takes about 20 minutes. Extended version could be 60 minutes or more.

Numbers. Ideally 6 team members per kit.

Indoors or outdoors. Suitable for either.

What you get

2 wooden planks with 6 rope handles on each.

Facilitator Notes in PDF form sent via email.

two wooden planks with six pairs of rope handles for the team building centipede

Why choose this one

It is suitable for a reasonable team size, easy to transport and store (it fits inside an average sized car with rear tailgate).



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