Blindfolds for Goal Ball

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A selection of quality blindfolds suitable for games including Goal Ball.

Goal Ball is a sport that is expanding quickly being played by both sighted and blind players. Sighted players are required to wear some means of sight restriction. Our original blindfolds featured below are a good entry point, for more extensive light restriction then Blindfold Goggles give an even better seal on the face.

Choose from navy blue or black blindfolds for goal ball, or use the more substantial BLINDFOLD GOGGLES for goal ball.

Our most popular blindfolds for goal ball are:

blindfolds for goal ball

You can purchase your blindfolds for goal ball straightaway or come back to blindfolds for goal ball at a later date, we always keep a good stock of blindfolds for goal ball.

We also have an information section on Blindfolds Games

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